Zhicheng Credit Service Co., Ltd (Zhicheng Credit) is a subsidiary of CreditEase and holds a business credit bureau license approved by the People’ s Bank of China. It offers credit reporting services and risk management solutions to business. Our products and services help clients improve their risk management ability and reduce risks. To date, we have provided services to more than 1000 clients, including clients in manufacturing and services industries, commercial banks, Fintech companies, consumer finance, as well as insurance and supply chain finance companies.


Zhicheng Credit currently consists of three major business sectors including Business Credit Reporting (Qifu); Risk Management Services (A’fu Sharing Platform) and Advisory Services that are tailored to meet a variety of customer needs.


Zhicheng Credit uses the combined strength of unique trusted data technology and innovative analytics, to help the industry to improve the risk management ability and reduce risks. Zhicheng Credit is backed by a team with expertise in credit score, risk management, and credit system development. Particular strengths are in data mining and modeling, machine learning and rich experience in credit investigation and risk management advisory services.


About A’Fu

Zhicheng A’Fu, is a risk management and credit data sharing platform specially designed for Fintech companies, consumer loans, microfinance, and etc.  A’Fu provides access to the non-bank finance industry the comprehensive analysis of borrower creditworthiness, information for portfolio monitoring, fraud detection, and credit scores.  A’Fu has cooperated with more than 730 Fintech companies to share borrowers’authorized payment performance information as well as industry fraud data. The platform aims to improve the industry’s overall risk control capabilities by reduce the risk of fraud and multiple liabilities.


About Qifu

Zhicheng Qifu (Business Credit Reporting) is a business credit information and technology platform, provides products and services such as business credit investigation and assessment, real-time business credit check in business credit granting, equity investment, suppliers bidding and some other usage scenarios.


Qifu’s commercial database contains more than 100 million business records, making it a rich proprietary data asset with unique capabilities and professional data scientists. We transform data into insights that help our clients identify potential risks and to provide support in intelligent decision making for investments, financial analysis or credit approvals.

About Advisory Services

With Zhicheng Credit’s experiences on credit system building, Advisory Services are aimed to provide local government offices, associates and commercial organizations with services on credit system building and consulting, including professional advisory and follow-up guidance in credit system planning, platform construction and subsequent business operation, as well as the designing and optimization of enterprises credit rating standards.

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